What really Matters / Was wirklich Zählt / O que realmente Importa / Lo que realmente Importa

When you realize that what is important is already here and not in the next moment, what really matters, that means you have already shifted to a different state of Consciousness.

It is very simple – just that realization.

But, it is so deeply ingrained, the illusion, the belief, the unconscious assumption that the next moment matters more than this one. Everybody inherits that mind pattern, and that makes life very frustrating.

You all know that. Life consists only ever of this moment.

So, we are here to go deeper into this moment and not wait for something more significant in the next one.

So, we become comfortable with being here now, and get rid of the illusion that there is something important missing from your life.

Or, there is something not quite right that has not arrived yet, something very deep-seated illusion that something’s not right, but it is going to be right perhaps one day.

The person who is still deluded by worldly things believes it is going to be all right when this or that happens, or I obtain this or that.

And the spiritual seeker believes it is going to be right when I become enlightened. In both cases, it is future – the promise of that.

And you are continuously overlooking something vital that is very easy to overlook because the movement of thought is so seductive and hypnotic.

There is a light in you, not a visual light, a presence, that is essentially who you are and has nothing to do with your past or future. And, we are here to become familiar with being that presence, consciously.

If it feels good and right for you, this moment, to be here, and to hear this – and almost, let’s say to recognize the truth of it, that means: that is it!

Just a sense of goodness or rightness of being here, that means that dimension that has no form is already arising.


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