What’s the point of Love / Was ist die Liebe / O que é o Amor / A quoi ça sert L’Amour

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Philosophy of Love is the field of social philosophy and ethics that attempts to explain the nature of Love. There are many different theories that attempt to explain what Love is, and what function it serves.

It would be very difficult to explain Love to a hypothetical person who had not himself or herself experienced Love or being loved. In fact, to such a person Love would appear to be quite strange if not outright irrational behavior.

Among the prevailing theories are psychological theories, the vast majority of which consider Love to be very healthy behaviour; evolutionary theories that hold that Love is part of the process of natural selection.

Spiritual theories that may, for instance consider Love to be a gift from God; theories that consider Love to be an unexplainable mystery, very much like a mystical experience.

What good use does love have?

We’re always being told

these senseless fairytales

What use does loving have?

Love can’t explain itself!

It’s just something like that!

that comes from God knows where

and takes you by the hair.

Me, I’ve heard some folks say,

That love only brings pain,

That love it makes you cry,

What use is loving why?

Love what use does it have?

It serves to bring us joy

Brings huge tears in our eyes…

A sad and splendid sight!

And yet folks often say

That love’s not all that gay

That out of two there’s one

Who’s never happy, hun’…

But even if love’s lost

The love that one has known,

Leaves a taste of honey –

Love is eternity!

All that is good and well,

But when you’ve reached the end,

There’s nothing left for you,

But one great big boo-hoo…

But all that seems just now

To you an agony,

Tomorrow, it’ll be

A joyful memory!

So if I’ve understood,

Without love in my life,

Without its joys and pains,

I would have lived in vain?

Of course! Just look at me!

Just every time I believe,

And I’ll believe always…

That’s just what love is for!

But you, you are the last

But you, you are the first!

Before you, there was none

With you, I feel just fine!

It’s you that I wanted,

It’s you who’s meant for me,

You, I will always love

That’s the use love is for!

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