Why art Matters / Warum Kunst wichtig Ist / Por que a arte Importa / Por qué el arte Importa

Art is meant to move people either on an intellectual or emotional level. Whether this is a book that stays with you days later, or a performance that moves you spiritually or a song that makes you look at the World around you in a different way.

The purpose of art is to cause a reaction and with this purpose it can create a synergy of change; change in attitudes, change in perceptions, and change in thoughts.

Art gives you Empathy and helps you to understand people, places, periods of history, and issues with which you may otherwise be unfamiliar. Art comforts you in grief and energize you in celebration.

Art is important because art can act as a catalyst for change … can start a revolution! Art ignites something in your brain that you can not explain, but it is essential for life.

Art is an infinite and enduring resource, one to draw upon in both the most joyous and the most challenging of moments. Art strengthen community bonds, create new means of connection and understanding, and offer a continuous, powerful, and resilient source of individual and collective identity.

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