Why don’t you change / Warum änderst Du Dich nicht / Por que Você não Muda / Por que no Cambias

Why don’t you change? What prevents you?

If each one of us asks that question … not verbally or merely intellectually as a mere entertainment. But ask that question most seriously and deeply. What’s your answer?

What’s your answer to this problem that Human beings have lived this way for millennia upon millennia? Why haven’t they changed? Why haven’t you, who are listening now, why haven’t you changed?

You know if you don’t change, what the consequences are. You’ll be national, nationalistic. You’ll be tribal, insular, isolated, and therefore have no relationship globally. Fighting, fighting, fighting. Building up more and more armaments, destroying each other.

Now why don’t you, if you are at all serious in this matter, why don’t you ask yourself that question? Why haven’t I, a Human being who have been to all this … why haven’t I changed? What would be your answer?

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