Why you are the way you Are / Warum Du bist so wie Du Bist / Por que você é do jeito que É / Por qué eres como Eres

While knowing who you are is important, knowing why you are the way you are can provide a higher level of understanding about yourself and deserve further exploration. You act and behave in ways that may seem irrational and inexplicable, even to yourself.

Personal philosophy is a personal experience, a way of life. It is an overall mindset. It produces and directs how you react internally and externally. It governs how you interpret life situations. It is a complex subject. It directs, governs and influences your actions, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and reactions.

The way you are include your personality, intelligence, character, virtues, sexual orientation, and gender identity. These result from interactions of five factors: genetics, epigenetics, early childhood learning, later social learning, and choice. These factors are based on mechanisms that constitute your personal identity.

Dimensions of your personality include the ‘Big Five’: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion/introversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Dimensions of your moral character include having or lacking such virtues as courage, honesty, loyalty, and temperance.

Dimensions of your sexual orientation include you being heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or pansexual. Dimensions of your gender identity include seeing yourself as the same gender as your initial biological sex, or otherwise. Dimensions of intelligence are not just IQ, but ability to solve problems that require kinesthetic, spatial, musical, and social representations.

There are thousands of different combinations of these dimensions, and it is natural to wonder why you ended up with the combination that you have. One very simple explanation would be that God made you the way you are, but this hypothesis lacks evidence.

It is not about whether there is something wrong with you –  it is about whether it is good enough.

All cats are black in the night.

In the dark of the night appearances do not matter, appearances are meaningless since everything is hard to see or unseen and the qualities that dististinguish people from one another are obscured and if they can not be perceived they do not matter.

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