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One of the most detrimental aspects of modern Society is that you spend far too much time on your phone and digital devices. Whenever you are bored, you unconsciously reach for them.

You spend a large part of your life on your computer, watching television, checking your smartphone, driving in your car, and sitting at your desk looking at a screen.

You rarely get out into nature. And while you may realize that this is not healthy, you simply do not have the time or energy to make a change, and besides, it is important to be ‘connected.’

You lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle but do not realize just how nature-deprived you really are. You need to put your phone down and step away far more often.

You were not meant to be confined by concrete and steel 100 % of the time. Within these environments, it is easy to feel like just another face in the crowd.

When you step into nature, you are reminded that all living organisms are connected.

When you visit nature, you feel both peaceful and uneasy all at once. Perhaps this is because all life began in nature and all life ends there.

Not only your mind benefits from time in nature, but your body.

You will get exposure to unseen elements that are affecting your brain and body, negative ions that improve your immune system and relax your body as opposed to positive ions that are emitted from electronics that can wreak your system.

Spending time in nature, engaging all your senses, observing your surroundings without judgment, appreciating everything around you will bring your body and mind into a state of calm. Be in nature mindfully.

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