Wish you were Here / Ich wünschte, Du wärst Hier / Queria que você estivesse Aqui / Querría que estés Aquí

Nostalgia can be characterized as a wistful sentimental longing for the past, often in an idealized form. The term nostalgia also has a medical meaning, referring to a form of melancholy. Nostalgia often refers to ‘the good old Love‘, which become idealized in the current circumstances.

Nostalgia is a longing for circumstances that no longer exist or have never existed. Nostalgia has a utopian dimension due to the considerable role that imagination plays in it.

Nostalgia is often about a virtual reality that can not be actualized. In this sense, nostalgia is not always about the past; it can also be directed toward the future or the present.

Nostalgia is a bittersweet longing as it combines the pleasurable feeling of the past with pain and suffering because of its absence; its content is very positive, but its absence generates pain.

Longing is a typical attitude of lovers who are separated from each other. Lovers think about their beloveds and suffer because they are not able to be with them.

People like to hear that their lovers long for them, even though it means that the lovers are suffering, as the suffering expresses their profound Love.

The gratification we feel when our beloveds long for us is not an expression of pleasure-in-others-misfortune, but an awareness of the beloved’s Love for us even when we are not actually together.

Romantic Love, which involves idealization of the beloved, also involves idealization of the past.

When asked whether true love remains forever, a woman answered in the affirmative and cited her first Love as an example, despite the fact that she had angrily terminated that relationship years ago.

I lay here in this bed of mine, made for more than one,
Just laying here and thinking of you,
I turn on my side but see nobody is there.
Nobody is there but still I stare.
I wish you were here.
But I know it will happen, someday soon.
I love you so much, that I can not keep all the love in me
So all I can do is just wait for that day to come.
I wish you were here.

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