Yearning for the Infinite / Sehnsucht nach dem Unendlichen / Ansiando pelo Infinito / Anhelo del Infinito

You will find great reward in looking for the fundamentals of nature, both aesthetically and in terms of your own learning.

This question of your constant quest for knowledge, growth, improvement, materialist, financial and personal gain, is all indicative of the fact that you need the infinite as an endless source of meaning.

If your team wins the biggest competition you do not stop following the sport because you achieved your goal, you set new, even loftier goals for them.

The same principle applies throughout Society in many different ways, everyone getting up each day and ceaselessly doing stuff in support of their abstracted value systems and yearning for the unreachable.

The Human story is the history of our obsessions with the infinite, and its many different renderings in Religion, the arts and sciences.

Vast abstract infinite structures are set against imagery of us, telling a story of our nature, but also putting us in place as part of the system, not free from it, but biased and constrained to embody our human-ness.

An audio/visual rendering of our obsession with the unobtainable.

Yearning for the Infinite was born out of a commission, the arts and learning institution dedicated to pushing boundaries, explorig the link between Human nature and the unbounded. Our evolving desires set just out of reach, as an unshakable source of meaning in our lives.

We are rats in the wheel, imprisoned by our nature to endlessly pursue. But the view of the essence of this process as a whole, is a beautiful thing. – Max Cooper

Tasked with translating such an immense concept to a live performance, each track on the album is carefully mapped out to support the narrative, but never loses sight of Max’s characteristic love for experimentation and immersive harmony.

Visually, the live project documents forms of the infinite set against their role in the Human condition. Abstract visualisations are presented amongst Human stories of yearning and endless pursuit, the tension between the abstract, scientific and computational World‘s of electronic music and visualisation work alongside an inherent thread of Human emotion.

I wanted to take the whole idea of Human progress, growth in technology and the data explosion etc, and boil it down to its essence, our seemingly endless desire to move forwards somehow, as individuals and as a species.

Our yearning for the infinite as a system for creating goals that can never be reached, as a means for creating an endless source of meaning in our lives, because what would you do if you had nothing left to do!? – Max Cooper

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