You are Addicted / Du bist Süchtig / Você é Viciado / Eres Adicto

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You are addicted to socializing online and it distracts you from being and living.

You are addicted to Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook; you have a craving to know everything about everyone, but what benefit does this bring to you as a person.

You should stay connected to the real-world and not let it pass you by. You must leave behind actual proof of your existence instead of putting it all in a cloud.

I worry that as much as technology is connecting you on-line in your new always-on lifestyle it is leaving you increasingly alone even when you are in company. I am not sure why it is more troubling to see a group of people all reading their smartphones than to see them all reading newspapers or magazines.

Maybe my concern is misplaced or maybe I need to do more to analyze the differences between reading print, reading on-line, watching a video, and playing a video game but I notice more and more couples each looking into their own smartphone, every child seems to be watching their own screen.

You may be at a point where screens are going to start dissolving into more intelligent and reactive environments and perhaps you will be wearing augmented reality glasses so that you are looking at reality through a screen.

Technology allows you to view what you want, when you want it but fact is that technology does not even come close to allowing you to experience a place or a piece of art or a historic building, as actually being there feels. When you go some place magnificent, it feels magnificent.

Nowadays you are trying to document every moment of your life. With Snapchat you get to look into each others lives and see what others are doing which is a great way to connect with friends. However, by taking these Snapchats you detach yourself from living the moments yourself.

Whenever you take a photo, you try to make it so the view is perfect and that the emotion is captured. By doing this you reveal to your friends the moments you think are perfect and conceal the not so perfect ones. You give others a distorted sense of reality because nothing is ever truly perfect, especially when your only experiencing the moment through a screen.

You’re not very interesting anymore. You sit at a desk twelve hours a day and you have nothing to show for it except for some numbers that won’t exist or be remembered in a week. You’re leaving no evidence that you lived. There’s no proof. – David Eggers

You feel awkward walking through a crowd of people alone, so you turn to your phone. You no longer sit in a car or on a train and interact with those around you, you interact with the people through your screen. Whenever you have a moment to yourself yo turn to your phone and do not think twice about it. You try to stay connected as much as possible … digitally.

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