You are alive for a Reason / Du lebst aus einem bestimmten Grund / Você está vivo por uma Razão / Estás vivo por una Razón

You are here for a reason. Plain and simple. That is why you are alive. That is why you must continue to live, and that is why you must fight for your life. Your reason may not be obvious to you; it may not be something you inherently know already.

You may even discover your reason much later in life. It may even become clear that you have several reasons for being alive. It is ok to make up your own reasons, too.

Your reasons may or may not be simple; they could be to serve a purpose, a person, and that person could be yourself. It is ok if that person is yourself.

That is not to say to be selfish, but rather self-serving. Putting your own happiness and interests first is not mean or rude; it is Human nature. If your happiness is reflective off of others’ happiness, then being self-serving is not a crime at all.

If you find that your reason for being here is to serve some sort of purpose, it is ok to change that purpose. Though everyone has a purpose in life, you are never limited to that purpose, and therefore, you can always change your reasons for being alive, and your reasons for living.

Contrary to what you may have heard, you are needed in this World.

We were all placed here on Earth to change something. We are destined to fulfill the reasons we are here even if they change. Everyone can change the World even if the World we change belongs to just one person.

The population thrives on progression, and all of us are a team. We help one another to realize their passions, ambitions, and reasons for fighting. We are a machine that can not work without all of the parts acting in unison.

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