You are never Enough / Du bist nie Genug / Você nunca é Suficiente / Nunca eres Suficiente

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Facebook Ego Syndrome is when you tell your friends you are being Facebook stalked, yet you keep your Facebook page open so you can continue to be stalked.

Your Ego is so big that you are loving all the attention and so you post more and more pictures of yourself hoping your stalker will continue stalking, making you feel important.

And providing you with something to talk about to your thousand Facebook friends.

You have high hopes this will continue to build your popularity and you become afraid it will someday end. You become so addicted to the attention, you actually begin stalking your stalker.

Witnessing friends’ vacations, Love lives and work successes on Facebook can cause envy and trigger feelings of misery and loneliness.

Envy and wishing for things that we do not have is truly harmful to building self-esteem and improving our positive energy and what we add to the World.

Facebook and the Ego are connected.

People who have a large amount of friends can become self-absorbed. They engage in a competition to add friends to boost their Ego and to fill in the massive void they may be feeling inside.

This competitiveness around how popular we are trying to be and how beautiful we are trying to look only feeds into the feeling that ‘You are never enough’.

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