You know, I know, We all know / Du weisst es, Ich weiß es, Wir alle wissen Es / Você sabe, Eu sei, Todos nós Sabemos / Tu sabes, Lo sé, Todos Sabemos

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Most of us think too much, some of us all the time. When you think too much, you lose track of yourself, the Self that feels. This Self does not even have a name – they are your physical Self, your animal Self. They do not think, they feel. And it is this that connects yourself to all others because feeling is connective in its’ reciprocity.

Thinking is something you do by yourself, feeling is always in relationship to something felt. When you feel the rain, it can be said that it feels you as it courses down your skin, adapting its’ path to the contours of your body. When you hear the birdsong, the bird is heard. There is exchange, there is relationship.

One of the great paradoxes of today is that you want to be seen, to be witnessed as your true authentic Self, and yet you can not recognize your own authenticity because you are thinking instead of feeling. You want to have your place, have your mission and purpose, your journey and saga and defining moments.

But these things are not things that can ever be felt, these things are simply projections of your thoughts. If you want to feel alive, you must be capable of just being present, awakening the senses, and feeling what is real.

The quality of light as the sun passes through the sky. The dancing grasses in the breeze. The sweat on our brows, the sound of the rain, the taste of a wild strawberry, the meandering garden snake and the waltzing butterfly.

Feeling alive is feeling connected. It is not spiritual or philosophical or metaphysical at all. It is very simple. It is nothing more than relaxing into being right where you are and paying attention to what you are feeling.

Being alive puts you at serious risk of death.

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