You won’t Change / Du wirst Dich nicht Ändern / Você não Mudará / No vas a Cambiar

It will not make any difference if you listen to me or not. You will carry  on in exactly the same way as you have been living. You will not change,  you will not do a thing because you are caught in a rut, in a groove, in a pattern. And you will go on and death is there. Right?

You know you need to change but you will not. You can not change because you will not change. You are part of the 95% of people who have joined the ‘Average Club’. They are good people, nice people, but they are people who leave the most important things in their lives on the table.

What are the most important things in your life? Family? Spirituality? Money? Hope? Success? Love? Integrity? The chances are 95% that you are not clear about what the most important things are and even if you are, your behavior, your lifestyle, your actions are proving they are not important to you.

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