Young and Beautiful / Jung und Schön / Jovem e Linda / Joven y Hermosa

Interesting, distinguished, cute, sometimes adorable, attractive maybe. Beautiful is debatable, young is pretty straight forward and impossible to get around. You either are or you are not.

When you see people aging, or dying, it seems like they are not playing by the rules. They are giving up. They are not trying hard enough to be, … young.

Within social sciences, the standards of beauty were for a long time considered to be culturally determined, meaning that different people with different life experiences in different cultures acquire different standards of beauty, as captured in the famous sentence

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Embrace your wisdom, grace, fire, fierce passion, loving heart and stand strong in knowing that aging does not mean deteriorating, failing, frailty, loss of vitality, being stuck in the past, no longer curious, sharp, physical or sexual.

You will not live forever, You will age and eventually die, but in the meantime you can fill your life with Love and be different. and that difference, will keep you young and beautiful on the inside for the rest of your life. And that brings you happiness.

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