You’re Mine / Du gehörst Mir / Você é Meu / Eres Mío

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She felt safe, she realized there was nothing she could say in return. She smiled, because that is what she learned to do when she did not want to speak, when words had fled her, left her naked and bare, more naked than she was, without a stitch of clothing on her.

Sometimes this gave her invisibility, sometimes it gave her warmth, sometimes it offered shelter, but all she could do right now was smile and put her head on his chest and her arm across his body. There was nothing she could say.

The fear of romantic Love or forming emotional attachments of any sort phobia is known as Philophobia. This phobia is more common in women than in men.

The condition can greatly affect one’s life to an extent that it becomes difficult to commit to or form healthy relationships. Such people tend to live their lives in solitude.

Some people are so afraid of Love that they can not open up to anyone. They do have committed relationships, but can not maintain any of them.

Their well being often depends on the responses they receive from the person they Love. This can keep them anxious all the time. They may be extremely possessive or, conversely, they may drive away their loved ones with their detachment.

Restlessness, shallow breathing, rapid heart rate, nausea, chest pains, etc. are a few physical symptoms that can be attributed to Philophobia.

Panic and anxiety attacks are also common and can be terrible since the sufferer often feels dizzy, feels like running away, crying, shaking or sweating profusely or even feels as if one is fainting.

Drugs and medicines may be prescribed; however, these are not a permanent solution. Meditate and open you mind and your heart to … Love.

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