1908-01-09 Mechtshausen, Germany / A story of seven boyish Pranks / Bubengeschichte in sieben Streichen / História de dois meninos em sete Travessuras / Historia de siete Bromas

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Wilhelm Busch was never married, and it seems that only a confirmed bachelor could be so satirical and at times almost frivolous as he. The life of a bachelor has always been portrayed as a fun alternative lifestyle opposite to that of a man in a relationship.

Some men embrace the bachelor life, while others let it consume them, from the feelings of loneliness to the feeling of pure freedom.

The successful bachelor is a man who is very goal oriented, confident, and keeps himself looking well-groomed. The successful bachelor is one who is single by choice.

The successful bachelor is all about parties, work, and women but more so partying. He embodies working hard to play hard and his version of playing hard involves no type of mediocrity.

Partying to music from some of the hottest DJ’s are a partying standard for the successful bachelor and in his mind, it is the only way to party. The slogan for the successful bachelor appropriately is ‘Go big or go home’.

Wilhelm Busch was a German humorist, poet, illustrator, and painter. He drew on contemporary parochial and city life, satirizing Catholicism, strict religious morality, and bigotry.

His comic was colourful and entertaining, using onomatopoeia, neologisms, and other figures of speech, that led to some work being banned by the authorities.

Busch was influential in both poetry and illustration, and became a source for future generations of comic artists. Busch remains one of the most influential poets and artists in Western Europe.

Busch lived like a hermit later in life and died a confirmed bachelor on January 9, 1908, but his slapstick humour and his unforgettable characters live on forever.

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