1989-12-10 Victoria, Australia / You are a bloody Idiot / Du bist ein verdammter Idiot / Você é um idiota Maldito / Eres un maldito Idiota

It is actually very simple; if you plan on drinking, do not drive, and if you are driving, do not drink. But if you drink, then drive, you are a bloody idiot. Drinking and driving causes death and serious injury on the roads. Road traffic deaths shatter the lives of those who are left behind. Look what you are doing to everyone you love, you bloody idiot.

The TAC is known for its powerful road safety public education campaigns which emphasize the personal costs of dangerous driving practices using emotive, educational and enforcement based themes. The TAC’s most well known slogan is ‘If you drink, then drive, you’re a bloody idiot’, which was introduced on december 10th, 1989.

The first TAC ad, depicting a couple arriving in hospital after the man crashed while drink-driving. The man has his arm in a sling while the girl is taken to the emergency room to be operated on. Her parents are called and on arrival are informed that she may lose her leg.

The man tries to see her, but is angrily chased away by the mother, and they are separated by security. While the man is crying, a nurse explains that the people who cause the accidents have to live with it and ‘that’s the real tragedy.’

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