2007-08-08 Camurupim, Brazil / Birds of Mind / Vögel des Geistes / Pássaros de Espírito / Pájaros de la Mente

Please Change Your Mind: Because You Are What You Think –

Our minds control everything else about us. Our thoughts influence our feelings. Our feelings impact our actions. What you think matters, because everything starts in the mind. To be a responsible person, you have to control your thoughts.

Stray thoughts enter our minds for a variety of reasons – conversations you hear by accident, things you see, stuff the devil puts in your mind. You are responsible for how you deal with those stray thoughts.

You never really forget any scene you see, even if you do not consciously recall the scene, that idea will come right back to your mind. One of Satan’s greatest tricks for attracting you to sinful lifestyles is comedy.

That is why on television, deviant behavior starts in a comedic situation. If Satan can get you laughing at something that is sinful, you’ve already lost the battle.

You can not keep the birds flying over your head, but you can keep them building a nest in your hair.

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