2008-01-03 Tibau do Sul / Let’s go to the Beach / Lass uns zum Strand Gehen / Vamos à Praia / Vamos a la Playa

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400 km of natural beaches, clear, warm waters and constant sunshine, fresh ocean breeze, salt air and palm trees. That is my office. I am working where I am happy. Do not get me wrong, I work hard but it is all at the beach.

I am getting paid to drive along the beaches, watch the ocean waves over the sand dunes and talk to strangers about the adventures and stories of my life.

400 km of natural beaches, clear, warm waters and constant sun. Tibau do Sul enchants with its ecological diversity, the almost deserted beaches frequented by dolphins and turtles, besides a landscape composed of dunes, cliffs and natural pools.

Inside its limits is the famous Pipa beach. Pipa’s fame goes back to the 70’s, when it became a must for alternative travelers, backpackers and foreign visitors in serch of adventure, and the meeting point for the young people of Natal, Recife, João Pessoa and as far as Fortaleza.

On the long busy weekends, the beach is packed with young, beautiful people from several States of the Region. In this way, Pipa became famous as the beach with a busy nightlife, without losing the enchantments of its natural beauty; cliffs, calm waters, the ecological sanctuary, the richness of the preserved Mata Atlantica, the charme of Praia do Amor, and the beauty of Praia Madeira.

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