2010-08-06 Malaga, Spain / First Lady / Erste Dame / Primeira Dama / Primera Dama

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America’s First Lady‘s Air Force Two jet touched down at Malaga airport where Mrs Obama arrived wearing sunglasses and carrying a large black bag. Mrs Obama is on a four-day visit and will be staying at the five-star Villa Padierna in the hills above Marbella , rated as one of the world’s top 30 hotels, with 40 friends. The party has reserved 60 rooms ranging from $500-a-night to a $6,600 suite with 24-hour butler service.

The Spanish excitement grew so much that the media reported one study claiming the publicity from her visit would be worth $1 billion for a country. Since her landing at Málaga’s airport, Spanish media have covered the First Lady’s trip almost minute by minute, from a tour of the Alhambra to a stop at an ice cream shop in Marbella.

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