2011-02-05 Natal, Brazil / Thinking Big / Groß Denken / Pensando Grande / Pensando en Grande

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Set your goals high and think positively to achieve them. Build up your confidence, your mentality, your vision of life and ultimately your ability of Thinking Big introspectively and extrospectively, of making better decisions and avoiding negative thoughts.

Thinking Big thoughts is a kind of magic. Sell better, manage better, earn more money and, most important, find greater happiness and peace of mind.

You are the product of the thinking that surrounds you. If most of your thinking is little, you have to start Thinking Big. The key factor in personal success is simply the desire for it.

Some people choose to lead, others to follow.

Success is not a matter of circumstances or native talent or even intelligence – it is a choice, it is your choice. Do not wait until conditions are perfect. They never will be. Act now.

To get the material results though, you must know the immaterial, you must spend time alone with your thoughts. Decisions first thought in solitude have a habit of being 100 per cent right.

There is nothing mystical about the power of belief, but you must draw a distinction between merely wishing and actually believing. Belief is the thermostat that regulates what you accomplish in life. Never depend on luck to get what you want.

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