2012-11-20 Ponta Pirambu, Brazil / Baby, you’re the One / Baby, Du bist Diejenige / Bebê, você é a Única / Bebe, tu eres Ela

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It is difficult to figure out if the guy you are with is truly in Love with you or simply enjoys your company. But while men may be mysterious in the ways of Love, there are certain signs that reveal his feelings beyond the shadow of a doubt. He thinks you are ‘The One’. It is so truthful you can feel it.

Being with you, taking you places and meet people is a badge of honor. People literally worship you with their eyes. They can not get enough of you. It is just that you are beautiful (anyone can see that).

It is one thing to be told you have beautiful eyes or a nice butt – those things are obvious, and you have probably listen to people complimenting you since time – but it is the thing to be told that you are ‘The One’.

The mind is the master – it can rationalise anything and paint any picture of anyone, depending on your initial perspective. There is a psychological phenomenon known as the ‘confirmation bias,’ where you are inclined to discard all evidence that does not align with your views and only keep those that do.

Direct influence of desire on beliefs, when you would like a certain idea/concept to be true, you end up believing it to be true. You are motivated by wishful thinking or you are anxious and view the World as dangerous. You will become prisoner of your assumptions.

Self-deception can be like a drug, numbing you from your harsh reality. You believe what you want to believe. Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

Look for your own intuition and listen to your gut feeling – if you have the feeling something is wrong, things are not adding up, then trust that feeling – if you have the feeling everything is wright, things are adding up, then trust that feeling.

Read it with sorrow and you will feel hate.
Read it with anger and you will feel vengeful.
Read it with paranoia and you will feel confusion.
Read it with empathy and you will feel compassion.
Read it with love and you will feel flattery.
Read it with hope and you will feel positive.
Read it with humor and you will feel joy.
Read it without bias and you will feel peace.
Do not read it at all and you will not feel a thing.

Shannon L. Alder

I need love
I need life
I need to know that,
that I have someone that I can love
Baby, you’re the one
The one I need

Can you make me feel the way I think you can
and girl, can you make me realize how good it is to be a man

Can you take the cold nights and make them seem so warm
can you unfold mysteries and thrill me with all your charm

You’re the one, you’re the one I need
You’re the one, you’re the one I need
Girl, you’re the on, you’re the one I need
Girl, you’re the on, you’re the one I need

Is it possible for you to see the mistake I’ve surely made
Give me an accept for each one so I can make the grade

Girl can you see it’s love I need
can you see these things
And if you could, would you tell me

You’re the one, you’re the one I need
Girl, you’re the on, you’re the one I need

You’re the one, you’re the one I need

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