2013-03-10 Natal, Brazil / I want to be your angel / Ich möchte dein Engel sein / Eu quero ser seu Anjo / Quiero ser tu Angel

An angel is a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence. Most of them serve either as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, or as guardian spirits.

In Christian Science, the word angel is used to refer to an inspiration from God.

The use of the term has extended to refer to artistic depictions of the spirits, and it is also used figuratively to refer to messengers and to people who possess high qualities of goodness, purity, selflessness, intelligence, or beauty.

In fine art, angels are usually depicted as having the shape of human beings of extraordinary beauty; they are often identified using the symbols of bird wings, halos, and light.

When you’re down and lonely
And there’s no one to call,
Though you run for someone,
Who prevents you to fall.
Come again, Come again.
No darkness is the trade
Come again, come again.
Cause I will make your day.

All you need is an angel
One is a friend to lean on to.
All you need is an angel
Telling you something
That will pull you through
You don’t have to think about
You don’t have to worry,
Love will never let you down.
All you need is an angel,
I want to be your angel.

All you need is a word
One is a call and a kiss or two.
When you’re out on your own,
Think for yourself,
But an angel will see you through.
You don’t have to think about
You don’t have to worry
Love will never let your down.
All you need is an angel
I wanna be your angel.

Little do I know about
Where you wanna be.
But in and out of trouble,
I hope it is with me.
Come again, come again.
Here’s your golden plate.
Come again, come again.
And I will make your day.

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