2015-02-07 Natal, Brazil / Some things about Boys / Einige Dinge über Jungs / Algumas coisas sobre Meninos / Algunas cosas sobre Niños

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Because I am ten times your age, I know some things you do not know (yet). It is not that I am smarter than you are, I have just learned more because I have lived longer. But this fact by itself is not enough reason to listen to me.

Listen to me because I love you. Listen to me because I always want what is best for you. Listen to me because I am not trying to control you or order your life. I am here to help you find your path in life and leave you in peace to walk it.

I am going to tell you some things about boys. I am not sure if this is coming too early or what your mother will think, but I want you to know what I know about boys. I was a boy once and I am still one somewhere inside me.

Boys are not bad for you. Boys are just boys, Humans like you but not quite like you. Their bodies are different from yours in certain ways, they react to a lot of things differently and they think somewhat differently.

You do not exist for boys. Do not be eager to please them. Boys will not make your dreams come true. Making dreams come true is too much responsibility to place on people anyway. Boys pretend to be strong all the time. They are not.

Boys can be soft but only if they are taught how to be. So if a boy is raised to be hard, he will be hard. Boys need girls as much as girls need boys because people just need people and that is how it is.

You will meet boys, several boys, maybe a lot of boys. Some boys will be mean to you. You must never let their meaness colour your judgement of all boys or the World.

Some boys will be kind to you for the wrong reasons. You will see through them eventually. You will be invisible to some boys, the same way some will be invisible to you. It does not mean that you are not beautiful.

Some boys will make you smile, make you laugh and lift a load off you. Thank God for them. And maybe someday one boy will love you even more than I do, and you will love him as well.

But you should not worry about finding that boy. Sweetheart, do not worry about any boy at all. That is not what your life is about.

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