2015-09-19 Guiria

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The night outside the delegacy was ok and neither light nor noise affected my sleep. I had more problems when I woke up after midnight and had to go to the toilet in the center of the city. The police were behind closed doors and nobody of the neighborhood was on the streets anymore. A moment ago the toilet was far away but within a second it was just outside my door and back to sleep.


I noticed already yesterday a small beach infrastructure just outside the city and decided to go there this morning to take a bath. I was all by myself for about an hour before I went back to the city to join in again into the market atmosphere. It was like I had not been there before and everything seemed new to me. Yesterday I had spent most of the time outside on the streets and today I spent most of the time inside the different market buildings.

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A young boy caught my attention as he was killing chicken with his bare hands one by one every 30 seconds. He hit the chickens head with his fist to make it unconscious for seconds before he stretched the neck and probably broke the neck and threw the chicken back into a basket. I was not sure if I was amazed or disgusted.


The city became very quiet after the market had closed and I spend the afternoon at the only Hot Dog stand next to the church and the center square and had conversations both with the owner and several moto taxi drivers. After some time I could not resist any more just watching the owner preparing Hot dogs and I had one myself. Opposite the stand the evangelic followers prepared the stage with a big sound system which indicated a big gathering for tonight.

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As agreed yesterday I went to pick up my laundry at 16:00 and then went to one of the Lan houses. Yesterday I waited 20 minutes for one site not to open and had given up. Today I had more luck and it took 20 minutes for one site to actually open. It was enough to see that my home team Borussia Mönchengladbach had lost again. For a moment I was more worried about my team than about myself.

Before the evangelic ceremony started I had another walk through the city center and came back to sit down at the Hot Dog stand from yesterday and had a conversation with my friend from St. Lucia. I could feel his bitterness about his personal situation, having passed the peak of his working career and not having made it, not having his own home, not having regular work and not having savings in the account. I could not relate his personal situation to the difficult situation of his country Venezuela. In a lifetime so many people in developed, developing and underdeveloped countries face the same frustrating moment and question themselves. No matter at what age, you will always be confronted with the question, “Could I have done better?”

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