2015-10-07 Puerto Concha – Merida

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I did not want to stay another night hoping for a miracle and for the lightning to come closer to the village and towards me. I was curious about the situation at a different border post and headed for the city of San Cristobal. I needed petrol and started to look for a gas station. At the entrance of El Vigia I entered the first gas station but was informed that the system was automatic. I accepted the answer; I heard the answer already before in Maracaibo but did not pay much attention to it, in Maracaibo I had easily found a different gas station and had no problem to fill my tank. My conclusion was simply that this part of Venezuela was more industrialized and was working with more advanced technology and in particular the technology to fill petrol at the gas station. I was stupid, maybe only simple, but definitely wrong, the automatic system was a way of the government to control the distribution of petrol.


This way it would make life difficult for criminals who want to buy in big quantities and then sell in Colombia; the same reason for the tense situation between the countries and the reason for the president to close the border.

I went on to the next gas station and was told again that I would only find a non-automatic gas station on the way to Merida. All gas stations close to the border were automatic. This changed my plans a bit and I had to give up the intention to inquire more about the border situation right at the border. I followed the sign boards and went into the mountains towards Merida. The motorway brought me higher and higher and the nature became more and more panoramic and already the first gas station was non-automatic.

El Vigia

I had wasted a lot of time of the day searching for a gas station, as the drive to Merida actually was quite short, but I arrived only after midday. The motorway was in very good condition.


Just before the city of Merida the motorway started to be divided into three lanes with the middle lane being reserved for exclusive use of the metro bus. I had only a very brief first impression so far, but an impression of a different and more organized Venezuela and this continued the more I saw of the city. I had passed lunch time and was looking for a place to eat and a place with internet. I asked for both and was given a very precise answer. About another kilometer on the main road I would find a Mc Donald’s and around the corner a cyber café.


I accepted the recommendation and went to Mc Donald’s for a Cheeseburger meal and then continued working on the site in the cyber café around the corner. After two hours I had a break and went for a quick walk around the main square of Merida, obviously named Plaza Bolivar, but went back to the cyber to catch up with the uploading to the site. With beginning of the night I asked for a hospital and was recommended the university hospital. I accepted the recommendation and went to the hospital and straight to the parking. Due the cities height in the mountains the temperature had dropped already to a very acceptable level and I was hoping for a cool night for a change.

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For a small understanding of the days travel, I have included a Google Earth map. The red pins mark the locations I have stopped and taken pictures. At the bottom of the page you will find a link for all the pictures I have taken. The link will open in a Google+ Album.

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2015-10-07 Puerto Concha - Merida

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0 km                     Puerto Concha

65 km                   El Vigia

150 km                 Merida

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