A blessing for Anyone / Ein Segen für Jedermann / Uma bênção para Qualquer Um / Una bendición para Cualquiera

Whatever you do, take a moment, get yourself somewhere quiet, sit yourself down, and open your heart. Spend time consciously breathing.

As you feel each inhale and exhale, do not just focus on the breath. Make sure to direct attention to your heart center itself, as if all of your energy were resting there.

Then listen to this song.

Listening and being mindful is one of the first and most powerful things. Through being mindful of your heart space, you begin to recognize old energy patterns, create space for new ones and rewire your thoughts and behaviors.

You will begin to experience gratitude in a much deeper way. Gratitude has a powerful way of shifting your energy and bringing warmth into your heart space.

When you find yourself in this space, there is something else you can do: Give. Whether it is a meal, your time, or just a smile, give something of yourself to another.

Giving has a way of connecting you to your heart center and to the hearts of others as well.

Now listen to this song.

May all of your illusions be shattered beyond your ability to reassemble them.
May you learn quickly from your failures and successes.
May life treat you how you treat life.
May you reap swiftly that which you sow, and may you learn something new.
May all of the hidden parts of yourself enter the light.
May all of your unfelt feelings be felt.
May you have a crystal clear glimpse of your own boundlessness.
May you have a crystal clear glimpse of your own insignificance.
May your inner monologue cease and may you experience stillness.
May you experience the beauty of each moment that the babbling mind eclipses.
May you uncover the mystery that hides behind the veil of separation.
May you know true courage.
May you know true wisdom.
May you know true humility.
May you know true truth.
May you know yourself intimately, without disguises or distortions.
May you meet the world lucidly, without projections or prejudices.
May you perceive the world clearly, without filters or fantasies.
May your delusions disappoint you and may authenticity astonish you.
May everything you have constructed in untruth crumble before your eyes.
May life conspire to unmake every false object you have made.
May you live each moment fully, not for the goal of grandiose achievement, but for living itself.
May you truly, deeply see yourself, and find there what you’ve always been looking for.
May you be truly, deeply seen by someone else. May you let yourself be seen by them.
May you end your war against the feminine.
May you finally let in the enormity of what your mother did for you.
May you find a home in your body.
May your body feel at home on this earth.
May the earth feel your sorrow.
May you feel the earth’s forgiveness.
May the earth feel your gratitude.
May the earth feel your love.

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