Because I love Freely / Weil ich frei Liebe / Porque eu amo Livremente / Porque Yo amo Libremente

Love is what we long to receive and to give, yet our intimate relationships are conflicted and often painful.

While most of us have moments of loving freely, it is often hard to sustain such Love in our intimate relationships. This creates a strange gap between absolute Love, the perfect Love we know in our heart and relative Love, the imperfect reality in our relationships.

Why, if Love is so great and powerful, are Human relationships so challenging and difficult. If Love is the source of happiness and joy, why is it so hard to open to it.

At the root of every relationship problem is a wound of the heart that affects not only our personal relations, but the quality of life in our World as a whole. This wound shows up as a feeling of unlove, a deep sense that we are not lovable just as we are.

We experience ourselves as separated from Love, and this shuts down our capacity to trust. So even though we may believe in Love, we still have difficulty opening to it and letting it circulate freely through us.

When you first fall in Love, you are so surprised and delighted by the beauty of this person’s presence that it blows your heart wide open.

Similarly, when a friend or loved one is dying, you simply appreciate the other for who he is, just for having been here with you in this World for a little while. Pure, unconditional Love shines through when people put themselves aside and completely open to one another.

Absolute Love is not something that we have to fabricate. It is what comes through us naturally when we fully open up – to another person, to ourselves, or to life. In relation to another, it manifests as selfless caring.

In relation to ourselves, it shows up as inner confidence and self-acceptance. And in relation to life, it manifests as a sense of well-being, appreciation, and joie de vivre. Absolute Love is the Love of being.

Deeper than all our personality charecteristics, pain, or confusion, our being is the dynamic, open presence that we essentially are. It is what we experience when we feel safe, grounded, and connected with ourselves.

When connectedto this basic ground of presence, Love flows freely through us, and we can more readily open up to others. When two people meet in this quality of open presence, they share a perfect moment of absolute Love.

This is the bottom line of Human existence: Absolute Love helps us connect with who we really are.

Ven a borrarme los fracasos de mi mente
Ven a llenarme de caricias diferentes
Ven a sacarme de este pozo de amargura
Donde me encuentro yo…

Y dame el agua de tu fuente cristalina
Y dame el beso que sin darse se adivina
Que estoy sediento de cariño sin medida
cansao de dar amor

De volar siempre buscando la fantasía
De nido en nido como paloma perdía
Estoy cansao de secretos y mentiras
Buscando un gran amor
Que sea capaz de enamorarse cada día
Velar mi sueño mientras que duerme mí
Vida mirarme siempre con la mirada
Encendía igual que miro yo…

Dame tu mano sin temor a equivocarte
Si tu me entiendes yo nunca voy a engañarte
Dame las cosas que nunca supieron darme
Te llenaré de amor…

Y no hagas caso de lo que diga la gente
Tienen envidia por que yo amo libremente
Por que mi amor es como un pájaro silvestre
no se puede enjaular….

Y vuela siempre buscando la fantasía
De nido en nido como paloma “perdia”
Esta cansao de secretos y mentiras
Buscando un gran amor
Que sea capaz de enamorarme cada día
Velar mi sueño mientras que duermen mí
Mirarme siempre con la mirada encendía
Igual que miro yo

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