Being there and Being / Dasein und Sein / Estar lá e Estar / Estar allí y Estar

Not everything is possible for every Human being. Every person’s options are limited in one way or another and ‘concern’ is a way that Humans can decide what decision could be the correct one in order to move from one condition to another. Choices are made in the World in which Humans exist surrounded by other Humans.

Humans are characterized by uniqueness, and this uniqueness gives rise to a set of possibilities for each individual. You are oriented towards your own potential, among which are the possibilities of authentic and inauthentic existence. If you embrace the standards and beliefs and prejudices of Society, you may fail to differentiate yourself from the masses.

Authentic existence can only come into being when you arrive at the realization of who you are and grasp the fact that each Human being is a distinctive entity.

Once you realize that you have your own destiny to fulfill, then your concern with the World will no longer be the concern to do as the masses do, but can become an ‘authentic’ concern to fulfill your real potentiality in the World.

You are thrown into the World and your being-in-the-world is a throwness. You are thrown with neither prior knowledge nor individual option into a World that was there before and will remain there after you are gone.

No biology of parentage can answer the question of whence you came into Being. Neither do you know toward what end your existence has been projected, apart from your position in relation to death.

Searching and fighting for being-in-the-world

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