Bless the Water / Segne das Wasser / Abençoe a Agua / Bendiga el Agua

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Water came to unify us, not to separate us, but to reconcile us. God gave enough water for everyone and all nations should understand that the water is for everyone, the Humans, the animals, the Earth, the birds. Water is the one thing that ties us together.

Ihab Bhala, Sufi Mystic

To most cultures water is our planet’s most vital, life-giving element. Not as a natural resource to be taken from, but as a sacred living energy to respect, honor and learn from.

Throughout the ages, the practice of gathering to bless and be blessed by water has been an integral part of our lives.

Currently, water is also one of our greatest causes for planetary concern, with over 800 million people around the World lacking access to clean water.

Go to your local water source, sacred site, favourite spot in nature and join the World and Bless the Water.

You have your own unique way to connect with the element of water and this can become pure expressions of blessing and gratitude.

Water carries intentions and when you bless the water, your gratitude begins it’s journey through the water ways and living network of water of the planet.

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