Chaos provides Opportunity / Chaos bietet Gelegenheit / Caos oferece Oportunidade / Chaos ofrece Oportunidad

This is what we are doing, this is what we as a Society are guilty of, a crime that previous generations couldn’t even conceive of. You can not trust the dominator style not to go psychotic here at the end, I mean they may have to surround the place and lay seize to it.

This is why the chaos which is rising in the World is literally the Gaian fury, it is a moment of opportunity. Everyone should understand this, that chaos provides opportunity, for commandos of the new persuasion to rush forward and jam the vital machinery of the dominator metaphor.

So the key to a correct political stance in a situation of chaos, is to be alert to opportunity, because it will come. The whole thing is advanced incrementally by people who are always aware of the possibility that the next moment will be the one in which to take a step forward.

Crisis presents an opportunity. Crisis and opportunity are merely differing aspects of the process. Do we choose to focus on the crisis and freeze in fear, or do we inquire as what the opportunity may be. Your answer reveals your relationship between loss and opportunity.

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