Conflict Conditioning / Konfliktkonditionierung / Condicionamento do Conflito / Condicionamiento del Conflicto

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Apparently man has lived for over five or six million years and during all this evolutionary period man has not been able, both outwardly and inwardly, to solve the great problem of conflict, conflict not only within himself but conflict and wars, slaughter outside. And that is the pattern through all these millennia, that the brain has followed this course, this mould, this pattern.

And we are still continuing constantly in the same stream of misery, confusion and great sorrow, both inwardly and outwardly. And if we are at all serious and are concerned with what is happening in the World, and also within ourselves, one must wonder, or discuss, or find out why the brain, the mind – because we are using the mind as sensation, all the emotions, the reactions, and the responses of thought.

All that is the brain, the mind and the heart, the whole psychological structure of Human beings, both biologically as well as psychologically – why we Human beings, who are supposed to be educated, evolved, sophisticated, cultured, why we live in this world killing each other, being divided by religions, by nationalities, by all the destructive division that thought has created between Human beings.

And these ideologies have been very, very destructive, whether the religious ideologies or the political, economic ideologies. And the brain, the mind, the whole psychological structure of man has lived in this pattern, has lived in this mould.

We are together taking the journey, thinking together. And one must, if you are … kindly give some attention to all this, because we are all Human beings, whether we live in Russia, East, West, South, North. We all go through a great deal of torture, misery, anxiety, the burden of fears, and sorrow. This is the common lot of man, the common lot of humanity.

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