Connect with Earth / Verbinde Dich mit der Erde / Conecte-se com a Terra / Conectarte con la Tierra

When you contemplate the planet Earth, you see that she has many virtues. The first virtue is stability. She is steadfast when faced with challenges and continues to offer perseverance, equanimity, and forbearance in the face of many human-created calamities.

The second virtue is that of creativity. The Earth is an inexhaustible source of creativity. She has given birth to so many beautiful species, including Humans.

Although there are many talented artists, musicians, composers among us, the most wonderful music of all is composed by the Earth herself.

There are those of us who are excellent artists and painters. But the Earth has created the most beautiful landscapes. If you look deeply, you can discover a multitude of the infinite wonders that appear on the Earth.

Even the best scientist can not match the beautiful petal of a cherry blossom or the delicateness of an orchid.

The third virtue is nondiscrimination. Nondiscrimination means that the Earth does not judge. We Humans have done many careless things that have harmed the Earth and yet she does not punish us. She brings us to life and she welcomes us back to her when we die.

If you look deeply and feel this connection to the Earth, you will also begin to feel admiration, Love, and respect.

When you realize the Earth is so much more than simply the environment, you will be moved to protect her as you would yourself. There is no difference between you and her. In that kind of communion, you no longer feel alienated.

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