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I never fitted in because I was never supposed to. I never felt like I belong or am included. I never felt truly at home anywhere on this planet. I think different, am different, and act different.

I do not understand people, their choices, or their behavior. I never tried to fit in, I never apologized for who I am, I nevere hid who I am, and I never changed who I am. I am here to be my unique and amazing self.

Some people are remarkably likable. Other people, unfortunately, are not and that includes me. I am different, but I am always myself. I think and see things differently.

Being different is a daily struggle, a struggle that all who dare will understand. Whether it is a choice or not, being different means being misunderstood all the time and definitely not being the most popular.

The hardest part about being different is constantly having to stay aware and being careful of not becoming like the rest of them. It is better to lose others than to lose yourself.

I have done a lot of work to live my life. To live my relationships, and my work with my truth, passions and purpose. I have made major shifts, had hard conversations, and have pushed myself to the limit and to tears.

I have aligned, shed, grown, shifted, created, released, healed and cultivated. I have done a lot of work to live my life.

I have made a lot of enemies, and some of them are determined to destroy me. They want to get rid of me. They want me out of the way. Permanently. But I am a big boy and I am used to the rough life.

You have enemies?


That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

Winston Churchill

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