Cry For Love / Schrei nach Liebe / Grito por Amor / Grito por Amor

A master understands that aggression is a cry for Love.

It is one thing to see an enemy in the aggressor and try to defend oneself from him, and another thing to see an aggressor as a Human being who is desperate for Love.

Aggressive people are deeply unhappy because of the absence of Love in their life. That is the reason they manifest aggression.

Look at it this way and your attitude toward them will change drastically. You will not perceive them to be your enemies anymore.

Always cry for Love, never cry for pain.

Aggressiveness alienates you, creates anger, and leads to broken relations, loss and unhappiness. It creates animosity and estrangement.

It manifests verbally, and sometimes, it might turn into physical aggression, which could be dangerous and harmful.

We live in a World where violence and aggressiveness have invaded man’s private space.

We live in a World in which the power of Love has lost its meaning, a World which requires courage and struggle on behalf of all creation to resist chaos.

Humans need Love. It can be hard to find.

Agression is a response to lack of Love in our World. It is easy to retire from the vulgar reality into some isolated and private paradise where you can reflect on the questions of the time, the injustice of the age.

You can ignore and accept things as they are, or you can choose to struggle with them.

You can run away from the call to contemplation, or you can embrace it with wisdom and action, because the World is unfinished and it is your responsibility to keep building and creating.

You can gather your strength, your spiritual strength to see beyond yourself and take the first step toward a new life.

We live in a moment of history that calls for the deepest wisdom and spirituality. The goal is to give more of it and trust in the law of karma.

The more you give, the more you will find flowing to you. Have faith in this law. 

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