Crying without knowing Why / Weinen ohne zu wissen Warum / Chorando sem saber o Porquê / Llorando sin saber Porqué

Feeling emotions is a natural part of your experience. From happiness to anger to sadness, emotions are your mind’s way of responding to your life’s events, and on their own, they are perfectly healthy.

Even anger has its place, and while sometimes you show inappropriate anger, there are times when anger is necessary and justified.

All emotions play a role in your wellbeing. But when you start to feel like you need to cry for what feels like no reason, it may be a sign that you are suffering from anxiety. Anxiety can be an overwhelming condition – more than you realize.

Anxiety puts a great deal of stress on your mind and body.

There are millions of people living with anxiety disorders that are able to handle themselves every day. These people often feel like, while their anxiety is affecting their life, it is still manageable.

But the more you struggle with anxiety, the harder it is to manage those emotions. Anxiety puts the body under tremendous stress, and it takes energy and resources to reduce that anxiety.

Anxiety can be powerful that the stress of it is essentially providing your body with a non-stop barrage of physical and mental symptoms.

Anxiety will affect your social life, your work life, and your ability to find joy in activities. Anxiety may reduce your involvement in activities that would usually give you pleasure and fulfilment.

If this continues over time this leads to feelings of depression. Depression is often a comorbid diagnosis with anxiety, and in many cases, the anxiety comes first and contributes to the development of depression.

Anxiety may not necessarily cause long lasting depression, but the stress on your brain and the feeling of constant fear and fatigue can often lead to temporary feelings of low mood, and thus crying.

You may struggle with other emotions. Your anxiety may be so strong it leads to emotional numbing – or the inability to feel emotions. You may cry less, but you are unable to experience any happiness or joy.

You experience one constant feeling of negativity each and every day, shutting yourself off from all emotions.

In a way, it is almost advantageous that you are able to cry. Crying is a natural stress reliever. When you cry, you are letting out emotions. By triggering a crying reaction, you may be helping to reduce your stress levels.

Some mornings, I wake up crying without knowing why …

Whatever the dream must I had, I can’t never remember it, but …

But, the only thing that does last when I wake up … is the sense of loss

I’m always searching for something, for someone …

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