Emotional Reactions / Emotionale Reaktionen / Reações Emocionais / Reacciones Emocionales

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If you are feeling depressed, an even higher, deeper emotion is to be really angry; this way, being angry will get you out of your depressed state. It is your choice to pick the emotion that you want to feel, but it has to be close to the previous one. You can literally elevate your emotional state, simply by choosing one emotion over another.

When you appreciate things and people, when you have Love for yourself and for others, your vibration gets higher, because feeling good, feeling joy, means that you are allowing life energy to flow. Your vibration gets you closer to the source, provider of all things and all Love.

When you are not getting what you want, the only reason is that you are not in a vibrational state that matches that of your desire. You are the only thing standing between you and what you want. Your thoughts are not aligned with what you want.

Sound waves may stimulate your healing.

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