Eternal Annihilation / Ewige vollständige Vernichtung / Aniquilação Eterna / Aniquilación Eterna

If hell was a place where you were destroyed and then ceased to exist (ie. you are annihilated – totally destroyed), then that means you would suffer no eternal consequences for your crimes. It means that you may as well eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you die and ceas to exist. 

Non-existence can not be seen as punishment. If you do not exist, there are no regrets, no suffering, nothing. You could do what you like in this life with no need to fear God’s wrath in an eternal hell of suffering becasue on the day of judgement, you would cease to exist – that is if hell was not real, eternal torment.

Something implies nothing just as nothing implies something.

You think the World is a mess. Imagine what it would be like if there was no conscience – none at all – in the heart of any human. Imagine if there was no healthy fear of eternal consequences in hell holding people back. If death is the end and there is not hell then good and evil are only what ‘You’ want them to be; everyone would be a law unto themselves and this planet would not last five seconds!

The idea that hell is annihilation and that death is the end fits very well with evolutionists who teach that your meaningless existence is just the result of random atoms bumping together. We all came from a big bang; a cosmic accident that sparked life in the universe.

That means you are just a meaningless accident. Even your thoughts are meaningless because they too are just the result of random atoms bumping together. If you say you have found meaning and purpose in life, then you are deluded because that belief in itself is just the result of random atoms banging together. 

If you follow evolutionary theory through to its meaningless conclusion, then in the end, death is just the end to a meaningless existence.

Your life is not meaningless. You were created for a purpose. 

And that is the reason for hell. Hell is the final result of rejecting the purpose for which you were created. The purpose for which you were created is to have a relationship with God. If you need to, you can get right with God today!

You can do this where you are, sitting in front of your computer. If you discover for yourself that you are guilty and deserving of hell, right now you can be born again and have eternal life. God does not want you to go to hell.

When we go to sleep at night we wake up in the morning almost instantly. In other words, there appears to have happened nothing except something quite vague between going to sleep and waking unless you had dreams.

So, you can conceive or barely conceive, going to sleep but not waking up or the reverse of it, waking up without ever having gone to sleep, which appears to be the nearest we can imagine to death and birth respectively. To go to sleep and never wake up when we die.

People are afraid, some people are afraid of the possibility of eternal annihilation. What most people do is they project upon the prospect of annihilation the imagination of being shut up in a dark prison, then as it were a super sensory deprivation chamber forever. But of course there is no, … the notion of eternal annihilation, really has no meaning.

We know that when people die other people are born after them. But, you see after this event called life, if you go back to unconsciousness, you go back to where you were before you started. That is all the evidence we need for the notion of a reincarnation. It could be explained in various ways, discussed in various ways and elaborated, but fundamentally people die and then people are born.

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