Fear of Missing out / Angst außen vor zu Bleiben / Medo de ficar de Fora / Miedo de quedarse Afuera

Fear of Missing out – is the acute and often unjustified belief that everyone is having more fun than you, and that you are somehow being left out of all the fun.

But this affliction, caused by social media where you see endless status updates and photos of your friends showing off their (supposedly) happier, more exciting lives, is just the tip of the worry iceberg.

FoMo has become such a problem that it manifests as a genuine form of social anxiety and even lead to an increased risk of alcohol abuse and depression.

FoMo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media related acronyms. There is now a whole range of afflictions caused by all the fun your friends are having on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat – and the chances are, you are suffering from at least one of them.

You are afraid of missing out, not because of what you see on social media – it is what you do not see that is causing you real angst. Deprived of seeing your friends’ photos and check-ins, you automatically assume that everyone on your Instagram feed is having a good time without you.

Mystery of Missing out – is the paranoia that arises when your friends do not post anything on social media at all. Instead, you are left with no option but to scroll obsessively through your Facebook and Twitter timelines searching for clues.

Imagining them having the time of their lives at wild parties without you, you naturally assume the worst. The assumption here is that your friends are too busy having fun to even think about documenting the experience.

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