Few days are Memorable / Wenige Tage sind denkwürdig / Poucos dias são Memoráveis / Pocos dias son Memorables

Most people have a hard time saying ‘No’. Most people do not have fulfilling, intimate relationships with their loved ones. Most people are unhealthy and overweight. Most people are compulsive buyers and foolish spenders, perpetually in debt.

Most people have no long-term plans or goals. Most people can not commit to anything. Most people do not sleep well. Most people consume too much alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. In short: Most people live ordinary, average lives.

If you want to live an exceptional and extraordinary life, you have to give up many of the things that are part of a normal one. – Srinivas Rao

The World is only too happy when people remain average and ordinary. That is because the larger mob of Society –  unfulfilled, average individuals who settle for less than they could have –  play right into the World’s desire for money, power, and influence.

To put it bluntly  –  the World does not care if you succeed. The World would rather you play your part as a cog in the bigger wheel. A large theme told to Society by those in power –  companies, corporations, influencers  –  is that we need more.

More clothes, more food, more money, more stuff.

The majority hates deserters –  these individuals remind them of how their own life is so unfulfilling.

If you want to live an extraordinary life, you need to realize this simple truth: The World does not cater to extraordinary people. If you want to be extraordinary, you will need to leave the safety and comfort of the majority.

You have to choose to become extraordinary. You will have to create your own set of rules. It is extremely tough, but entirely possible. You will be condemned as foolish, your dreams unrealistic, and your future hopeless.

If you examine the behaviors, lifestyles, and actions of extraordinary people, you will see extremely rare qualities. These individuals wake up very, very early every day. They are very frugal people.

They run their own businesses over a long time, building up the stamina, discipline, motivation, and self-control to sustain their success. They have a healthy diet.

Their relationships with friends and family are of the utmost importance. They have an insatiable desire for personal development. They do not spend their time on low-quality activities like watching TV, partying at bars with people they do not even like, or spending time with negative people.

It requires an unapologetic commitment to learning and discipline. It often requires going through years of ridicule and criticism from many people around you.

This life defined by struggle, hard work, pain, and overcoming extremely difficult adversity over a long long time. Becoming extraordinary has a high cost. This extreme price is why most of the World never achieves an extraordinary life.

When you first leave the comfort and security of the majority, the road will be lonely. Your life will be difficult to explain to others. Some people may never understand it. Your circle of friends may shrink.

Your life is a highlight reel: a gradual search for a handful of memories. We like to think that every moment has potential, that there’s something transcendent hidden all around, that if you’d only stop to seize the day, you could hold onto it and carry it with you. But the truth is, most of life is forgotten instantly, almost as it’s happening. Chances are that even a day like today will slip through your fingers and dissolve into oblivion, washed clean by the tides.
Such is the rhythm of ordinary time: the featureless stretches between one memory and the next, the thousand acts of maintenance you do every day. You keep your body going, hauling it back and forth from one place to the next. You breathe in and out. Things fall apart, you clean up the mess. And it all washes away in the night, to be built up again in the morning. You throw the week against the wall to see what sticks, hoping you will remember something that happened today, anything.
Most of our lives are spent in the hinterlands, the empty stretches we fly over to get to the good parts. And you wonder how you could spend so much time just pushing back against the current, trying to keep your small boat afloat, watching for a glimmer on the horizon, waiting for those moments when you can finally say, eureka! ‘I’ve found it!’
But it’s all happening – it’s all real – whether you’ll remember it or not. So you might as well say ol?ka! – ‘I’ve lost it!’ – as if to mark the passage of yet another opportunity, flushed down the hourglass. A final toast to the endless forgotten days, whose humble labor has given you everything you have, at least for the moment.
As the song says: long live the high tide and long live the low, but above all, long live the difference.

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