Glassy Baby / Glasiges Baby / Bebê Vidrado / Bebé Vidrioso

We began when the light of a candle in hand-blown glass gave hope to Lee Rhodes. This hope helped her heal from cancer three times and inspired a business devoted to giving hope, beauty, kindness, and millions of dollars to help people, animals, and our planet heal.

Now that we give back almost $2 million dollars a year, we established the glassybaby white light fund to help us make sure our giving goes to those causes consistent with our mission.

For every way that a person can get sick, people have come up with ways to heal. However, many can not afford medicine, counseling, comfort, or care. We want to help every person who needs treatment to get it.

Human beings are animals who can light fire. Other species help us understand ourselves. They give us Love, awe, and curiosity. We help dogs and cats find sanctuary, and help keep noble wild creatures from going extinct.

We love our planet’s current color scheme: blue and green, with white above and below. Those beautiful colors and the climate they represent are the crucial source of every life that we love.

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