Goodness and Badness / Güte und Schlechtigkeit / Bondade e Maldade / Bondad y Maldad

New stuff is good stuff and old stuff is bad stuff, so good stuff becomes bad stuff when new stuff becomes old stuff.

We have been animals, driven by basic instincts like survival, eating and passing on our genes for many millions of years. For a very short 40,000 years, we have been more or less Human so be patient with humanity. We have just started being Human and we are not very good at it yet. It is very much a work in progress, and one definitely worth contributing to.

Whether it is hanging around with socialist trade unionists, corporate free marketers or anti-capitalist environmentalists, ideology and fanaticism is a cancer that blinds you to see the way forward. Be open to new ideas. Be clear and firm on what you believe, listen carefully to others beliefs and test yourself constantly. Be comfortable in being wrong, changing and moving on.

Money is not evil. Companies are not bad. Charities are not good. Goodness and badness is in people’s behaviour not in institutions. We are the market, we elect the politicians, we get the media we pay for, we build companies by buying from them, we create the pollution that is killing us. We created all that. The system is a mirror that we need to carefully look into each day and observe our reflection. So focus on your behaviour.

Seeing things in black and white and attacking others is easier and more fun. It makes you feel righteous because you see others as wrong. But it is not actually very helpful if you want to change something. The legacy of conflict is ideology, bitterness and resistance to change. You need to play the ball, not the man.

When you act, be clear on your intentions, know what you want to achieve and why you are doing so. Ask yourself, who you are acting for andwhat your motivation is. If your intention is good, then go on with it, but be easy on yourself when you make mistakes; adjust, refocus and move on.

Fun is crucial and helps us to be happy, but remember fun comes from satisfaction, not from distraction. Helping others is a form of positive self interest. Helping other people succeed or making the World a better place is fun and brings great joy. It’s not a sacrifice, but a way to gain satisfaction and generate a feeling of having a useful life. It makes you happy.

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