Green Peace / Grüner Frieden / Paz Verde / Paz Verde

Greenpeace has been sailing the World‘s oceans protecting our planet and fighting for environmental justice.

From obstructing nuclear tests in the Pacific, to documenting plastics in our oceans; from conducting research into the effects of climate change in the Arctic, to stopping shiploads of illegal timber leaving the Amazon.

From bringing humanitarian relief to communities devastated by extreme weather to collaborating with local authorities to arrest illegal fishing operations in West Africa.

The Rainbow Warrior is the first ship designed and built specifically for Greenpeace. That means the Rainbow Warrior is the most environmentally-friendly ship ever made. She is fighting for a green and peaceful future.

All Greenpeace ships are special, but the new Rainbow Warrior is one of a kind. She plays a key role, allowing to witness and take action to prevent environmental crimes around the World. She is an icon of non-violent direct action and a beacon of hope for millions of people around the World.

It is people that really make the fleet powerful. Crews, who come from all over the World, to spend long periods of time away from home taking action and supporting communities on the front line of environmental destruction.

And our supporters, ordinary people from all over the World who choose to donate their time and money to make it all possible. The fleet that Greepeace sails, is really your fleet.

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