Happiness is the Way / Glück ist der Weg / A felicidade é o Caminho / La felicidad es el Camino

There is no way to happiness,
happiness is the way. –

You should be happy right in the here and now.
There is no way to enlightenment.
Enlightenment should be right here and right now.
The moment when you come back to yourself, mind and body together,
fully present, fully alive, that is already enlightenment.
You are no longer a sleepwalker.
You are no longer in a dream.
You are fully alive.
You are awake.
Enlightenment is there.

And if you continue each moment like that,
enlightenment becomes deeper.
More powerful.

There is no way to enlightenment,
enlightenment is the way.

Perspective is everything. Your perception is your reality. Your perspective shapes who you are: your motivation, your inspiration, and the choices you make in your professional and personal life. It is important to make sure you have a positive mindset in order to attract the right things in your life.

Having a positive mindset is a major asset at work and at home. In order to attain this mindset, you must build and train your mind with a simple philosophy of, ‘cancel, clear and connect.’ When you think of conscious thoughts that are negative, you must ‘cancel’ them. When thyouink of unconscious thoughts that are attracting the conscious thoughts, you must ‘clear’ your whole mind.

Finally, when things do not leave you and they sit within your unconscious, you must utilize a mechanism to ‘connect’ to what inspires you. You must ‘connect’ to that which inspires you to positively change your perspective so that you do not carry any negative energy or thoughts. You want to limit any negative thoughts and ideas and stop attracting negative thoughts to your conscious, subconscious or unconscious mind.

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