Hate is a Desease / Hass ist eine Krankheit / O ódio é uma Doença / El odio es una Enfermedad

Hate is a disease you catch from others who are already infected. It is contagious, virulent, and can be fatal. As with most diseases, the earlier it is discovered the better the prognosis for recovery. In all cases, however, the patient must take active steps to remove the infection through diligent efforts and repeated application of antidotes as well as to avoid future infections and the people who carry the disease and spread it.

In every case, the infection begins when one comes into contact with someone who already has the disease. The disease can be transmitted through through seeing, hearing, or witnessing diseased actions caused by individuals or groups who have been infected.

Furthermore through direct contact; listening to infected speech over any kind of media; through watching an activity that involves infected people acting out of their diseased condition; and through receiving psychic energy directed by a person or group that has previously been infected.

Experts believe that the antidote to hate is Love; but infected individuals who have recovered state that smaller doses of subtler antidotes may work much better. Love is often too difficult to administer in sufficient dosages to a person infected by hate; an infected person often seems unable to digest even small doses of Love when administered.

Try kindness, for oneself and others. Even deeply infected individuals are often susceptible to simple kindness. Be prepared to administer freely and often.

Try compassion, for oneself and others.  Realize that every person carries a heavy load, even if you can not see what it is. You may be infected with hate and still be able to tolerate a small dose of compassion for a person or animal in pain, which can begin to accelerate the healing process.

Try respect. Infected people often identify with groups of similarly-affected people. Once anyone within an infected group begins to recover, the group may feel threatened. But once an individual has been accepted as a member of an infected group, the group may allow a certain amount of recovery before attempting to reject the recovering individual.

Try humor. What makes people laugh has an unusual capacity to completely disable the hate virus, for reasons as yet unknown. One powerful tool lies in anything that can induce laughter, especially if it is prolonged. While your own sense of humor may vary widely, most silly movies, videos, audios, or comic books can begin the process.

A word of caution to those who are observing an active infection: it is always best to take personal precautions to avoid becoming infected oneself while attempting to intervene in someone else’s disease process; be prepared and take countermeasures to prevent your own infection.

At no time should interventions attempt to match the extreme energy levels that a person infected with hate is capable of demonstrating. Raising the volume will not help you reach the infected person faster. Instead, it is important to approach the individual with a calm, gentle attitude and a friendly outlook.

Attempting to argue with or engage an infected individual in a rational manner generally results in failure, because the disease operates almost exclusively within an emotional atmosphere; logic is not spoken there and can not be understood. Do not try.

The way to recovery lies with reaching the individual’s heart. While this may seem impossible during active infections, in fact it is the only way the person can recover. Do not lose hope!

As mentioned earlier, avoiding infected people is the most reliable way to prevent becoming infected. If avoidance is not possible, then by all means surround yourself with positive images, media, and messages as much as humanly possible. You may be the infected person’s only chance!

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