Hold On Tight / Gut Festhalten / Manter-se Firme / Agárrate Fuerte

Welcome to the 2006 roller coaster ride. Innermost feelings and crazy, mind blowing thinking, hand-in-hand with life. Days and nights filled with desperation and recklessness, constantly chasing the most intense way of life. You’d better fasten your seat belt and hold on tight.

Can not live without it, can not live with it. It is insanity. It is insanity in its most obsessive compulsive form. She is the girl of the night, she is the girl of the dream, she is the girl. Another night in paradise, another morning without sunrise and she became the girl from yesterday.

Glamorous and exciting, adventurous and intriguing. Live fast, die young. Harsh and dangerous conditions, short term hedonistic gains, long term risks. Evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, systematic genetics, developmental psychology and anthropology.

Fast sexual development comes with high fertility, low investment, small size, less connections and less competition, the rabbit has a short life. Slow sexual development comes with low fertility, high investment, large size, group connections and intense competition, the elephant has a long life.

Human evolution, Human development, good or bad, moral or immoral, not the question, intelligence, creativity, crime, delinquency, gender and ethnic inequality, subulture and modern living, young and cool, rebellious and fast, too fast, too risky. You’d better fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight.

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