I am Awake / Ich bin Wach / Estou Acordado / Estoy Despierto

Spiritual awakening, a realization that all there is what is –

More and more people are starting to see beyond the illusions of separateness, fear mongering, constructed perceptions of who we are as a species and why we came into this World. It is not about judging what is currently in place, being angry at it and changing it to make it better, it is about choosing to step out and expand our possibility of what can be.

Spiritual awakening opens a door to a place of no boundaries. Meanwhile we are living in a world full of boundaries. From personal boundaries to international borders, our everyday World is all about boundaries. People who have had a spiritual awakening find themselves back into a world of fences, defenses, rules and expectations.

Spiritual awakening is to find love and more love, an intimacy beyond words. We live in a World where love can be a one night stand. We live in a World where judging others is much more common then finding the humility to look inward at ourselves and find Kindness and Compassion for all.

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