I am Here / Ich bin Hier / Eu estou Aqui / Estoy Aquí

I know that you have good days and bad days. I know that sometimes, you do not have interest in doing anything at all and just want to lay in bed all day.

I know of the thoughts you have about yourself, of how you feel worthless, useless, insecure, not loved, not wanted, a waste of space and a waste of time.

Whether you see or not see me,

I am here, not sad, not glad.

Whether you feel or not feel me,

I am here, my feeling is right here,

did not flee, did not go anywhere.

Whether you love or not love me,

I am here, my loving is right here, no more, no less.

Whether you want or not want me,

I am here, my hands are in yours, not taking, not giving.

Whether I am or not in your heart,

I am here, love with serenity, rejoice in silence.


I am here,

this moment,

inside the beauty,

the gift God has given, our Love

this gold and circular sign

means we are free of any duty

out of eternity I turn my face to you,

and into eternity,

we have been in Love that long.


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