I built a Friend / Ich habe einen Freund gebaut / Eu criei um Amigo / Construí un Amigo

The older you get, the harder it is to make new friends. That is the lie people often tell themselves. The truth is most do not take the time to create new friendships, they barely give enough time to the ones they have.

You need others to dialogue with, to provide an opinion and criticism to help you navigate life, to explore what is meaningful and possible, and to relax with no purpose at all.

Making new friends can be intimidating, but it is definitely rewarding. Friends form a big part of our life for most of us. They are the ones who walk through life together, share our ups and downs, and pains and joys.

Without friends, life would not be the same at all. We would not be who we are if not for them.

Open your heart to your friend. This connection between you and your new friend can only begin when your heart is open. This means to be trusting, have faith, and believe in the goodness of others.

You can not form any new connection if you mistrust others or you are fearful that things will not work out.

When you make new friends, open yourself fully, with full faith that they are good people, with good hearts and good intentions. It will help you foster a lot of genuine relationships which are built on trust, Love and faith.

Meaningful relationships are not possible if you close yourself off.

Having friends helps you to be happy as well as get through tough times. Once you have met someone and become friends with, you need to participate in give-and-take to keep the friendship going.

Like all relationships, friendships take effort. You always get what you give. You give your time, you get it from your friends. You give excuses, you get the same in return.

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