I do not like the human Race / Ich mag die Menschheit Nicht / Eu não gosto da raça Humana / No me gusta la raza Humana

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Short-sighted with our planet Earth, dominated by natural instincts that are no longer productive, neophobic, vulnerable to irrationalism and cognitive errors in thinking and statistics, led by an instinctive Love of salty and fatty foods: We are also massively overpopulated.

Far too many individuals, in a species that could do with a little more self-reflection, and a little less arrogance and procreation. Our species needs a massive dose of genetic engineering to steer us out of the paths blind evolution has taken us down.

All Humans succumb to pointless base desires that distract us from our more important goals. We are always, all too human. We steer our lives like through a drunken dream, sometimes trying out some obnoxious rebellion, mostly failing to attain proper standards of behaviour and thought, and swaying from one short term plan to another.

Such is the unfortunate state of the masses – market economies just manage to keep them contributing but many fall through that net, and worse of all, they simply do not know what state they are in!

I do not like the Human race. I don’t like their heads, I don’t like their faces, I don’t like their feet, I don’t like their conversations, I don’t like their hairdos, I don’t like their automobiles. – Charles Bukowski

If not stupid, then mind-dumbingly boring. Uninteresting. Predictable.
Constantly exaggerating their personal troubles in the name of social interaction.

I know you have problems. I know there are people you do not like. I know there are really bad things that have happened to you recently and that your life has been hard, emotional and damaging. Everyone says all those things.

Sympathy makes it easy for people to remain as they are: Pathetic. People, when seeking attention through sympathy, are being pathetic. Those whose principal mode of communication is through attracting sympathy are psychic vampires, who would have you solve their problems and make you feel responsible for them simple for having talked to them. Avoid those who want sympathy until they get better.

Do not allow a person to make a habit of seeking sympathy from you. If they do not do it to you, they may do it to someone else. Or they might just feel the sharp edge of reality and give up seeking sympathy, when all they need is confidence.

Giving sympathy too much to a person just makes yourself a victim for their increased habit of seeking sympathy from you. Do not reward them by giving them more. It does them no good.

All people are shit. All people are self centered, egotistical, fucked-up, messed-up, violent, pseudo-violent, stupid, mundane, boring, crap, shit, messy, untidy, illogical, bigoted, sexually repressed and sexually stressed.

You do not have the right to own a car. You do not have the right to be happy. You do not have the right to money, food, sex, drugs, speech, life, death, friends, combat or anything.

The real World, the atoms, molecules and planets do not give a shit about you, your problems or your perceived sociological underaccomplishments. These are the objects that govern reality, and none of them could give a shit whether they happen to move in your favour or not.

It is up to you to take these rights. It is up to you to realize that no-one but yourself can make you happy. You must take rights for yourself, using whatever Society you are in to achieve a balance, a happiness, a stability.

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